Cookware Manufacturers Association

Welcome iPhone App–Find My Cookware and Bakeware

Hard to believe, but there are two generations of Americans in the world now who passed through school without any training in home economics or what used to be called “domestic living”.  The past forty years have seen such courses go the same way that physical education did–abandoned in favor of more training to take those periodic tests of ability.

We get calls weekly from consumers who are confused and intimidated by their kitchens.  They lack the confidence to try even simple recipes.  They don’t know if the cookware and bakeware they own is up to the task.  Given the chance to go buy cookware or bakeware, they are “at sea”.

With that background we started back in April of 2011 developing a program that will install on an iPhone and using a series of questions, help consumers find cookware and bakeware.  Given the food desired to be cooked and the method used to prepare, the consumer is then prompted for any preferences they may have about their cookware and bakeware selection.  The logic of the program then leads them to CMA members’s website where they can find out more and also find where to purchase the product best suited to their needs and desires.

Behind the logic went a a great deal of thought and preparation.  CMA members entered product lines and scored them on what foods they were most suited to cook and their general price range.

The result is what we think of a simple and elegant application that will help reduce confusion for consumers.

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