Black Friday Deals–Get the Box and the Instructions

Cookware Manufacturers Association

Black Friday--a big day for retailers and customers alike

A consumer called. She got a great Black Friday deal on a pressure cooker built in China, but it was the last one and it came without a box or instructions. She bought it in a department store.

The retailer really shouldn’t sell such a product absent its instructions.  Pressure cookers are UL listed and one of the conditions of the listing is that the instructions be provided to the consumer.

Naturally the local retailer couldn’t help the consumer.  We were able to give her the headquarters number where we hope the buying office can get her an instruction manual.

No matter how great the deal, an incomplete product missing its instructions isn’t much of a bargain.  Pressure cookers are great time savers, but they have certain safety rules which must be followed to insure against injury or property damage.

Consumers ought to demand a complete product and not buy “loose” items!