Buyers’ Learning Tools

Cookware Manufacturers Association

In late 2004, the Cookware Manufacturers Association Board of Directors began an initiative to offer to retail buyers a comprehensive series of educational papers. Many buyers come to their positions with little direct experience with cookware and bakeware. The CMA’s Buyer Learning Tools cover cooking methods (essential to understanding the other topics), materials, manufacturing methods, coatings and finishes and handles and their attachments, among other topics.

Each of the learning tools is self-contained. As a pdf file it can be easily downloaded to a computer or PDA device for study.

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Unit One: Cooking Methods
Unit Two: Materials and Manufacturing Practices
Unit Three: Nonstick Coatings
Unit Four: Handles and Their Attachment
Unit Five: Correct Labeling for Imported Cookware
Unit Six: Covers and Lids
Unit Seven A Word About PFOAs
Unit Eight: Green Labeling & Environmental Claims
Unit Nine: NSF Certification Procedures