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Since 1922, the Cookware Manufacturers Association has promoted excellence in cookware manufacturing and service to consumers. Those member manufacturers of the association have committed themselves to principles of consumer protection, manufacturing excellence, the health and safety of the industry’s workers and appropriate stewardship of environmental resources.

Association members stand behind their products with warranties that can be relied on. Consumers are often tempted by “lifetime” guarantees only be surprised, when a warranty fulfillment is needed, that the warranting company has exited the marketplace. CMA members are devoted to cookware and bakeware industry on a long-term basis, with some companies over a hundred years old.

CMA member companies are devoted to manufacturing excellence, constantly testing new materials and new manufacturing techniques to bring to consumers the highest quality cookware possible. To a large extent, this means that quality, CMA member produced products almost never wear out.

The men and women who work in the cookware and bakeware industry are important partners of the CMA manufacturers. These are the individuals committed to producing high quality products. Their employers are, in-turn, committed to their safety and welfare, frequently going beyond government instituted regulation in attempts to make the quality of the workplace first rate.

Finally, CMA members are committed to proper stewardship of the environment. Most every member is engaged in recycling and waste reduction programs that are designed to reduce pollution and wastefulness of raw materials.

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The CMA Technical Engineering Standards Manual For Cookware & Bakeware, 2016 Edition

For many years, the CMA has promulgated and published a voluntary standard for cookware and bakeware. Designed for use by engineers, cookware and bakeware designers and production personnel, the standard is a comprehensive 107 page manual covering all aspects of materials, material testing, minimum gauges, standard sizes and capacities.

Order The Engineering Standards Manual

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