CMA Supports NSF’s HPC

Cookware Manufacturers Association

Cookware on stoveIn July, 2012, the CMA concluded an agreement of mutual support for the National Sanitary Foundation’s (NSF) Home Product Certification program (HPC). The CMA has pledged to provide technical expertise to NSF and to aid NSF’s promotion of the HPC to retailers and manufacturers of cookware and bakeware.

The NSF HPC for Cookware and Bakeware is a set of protocols developed with the CMA’s review and aid. The protocols address critical components of product safety and performance which are of interest to a retailer.

A major factor in product acceptance is a retailer’s quality control tests. Many of these derive partially from CMA Engineering Standards but also from other standard setting bodies. The CMA envisions a retail environment where once HPC certification has been obtained, a retailer can be assured that a product under consideration will meet important safety and performance standards. The HPC program will reduce the time needed for product acceptance prior to delivery, and bring a higher quality product to the consumer.

Several CMA members are currently in the process of receiving HPC certification on lines. (Several retailers have publically announced their support and use of the HPC program as well.) More information is available at the NSF website. Click on this link,

The CMA has encouraged retailers and manufacturers alike to support the NSF HPC program for cookware and bakeware. We believe it will be a valuable adjunct to shortening the time between product selection by retailers and the availability of product to consumers.