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Potatoes and stainless steelThanks for visiting the CMA website. Here you will find a wealth of information. The CMA does not sell cookware or bakeware, but as a trade association, we seek to further the proper design, use and maintenance of cookware and bakeware on behalf of our members. To see a list of our members, please click in the membership link on the right. If you have a question about cookware or bakeware, please click on the “Ask the Experts” link.

The CMA’s Guide to Cookware and Bakeware is a detailed and in-depth look at everything from how foods cook to how designers make decisions in crafting cookware and bakeware.

If you are looking for the manufacturer of a specific brand, please use the Brandfinder application.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are covered in various white papers which the CMA has authored. Links to these topics will take you to expert and authoritative information which is unbiased.