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Copper CookwareThanks for visiting the CMA website where you will find a wealth of information. The CMA does not sell cookware or bakeware, but as a trade association, we seek to further the proper design, use and maintenance of cookware and bakeware on behalf of our members. To see a list of our members, please click in the membership link on the right. If you have a question about cookware or bakeware, please click on the “Ask the Experts” link to send us an email which we will answer promptly.

Cookware buyers are faced with many choices and often conflicting information. The CMA stands as a non-biased, authoritative source for information. The CMA offers retail buyers a comprehensive series of educational papers. Many buyers come to their positions with little direct experience with cookware and bakeware. The CMA’s Buyer Learning Tools cover cooking methods (essential to understanding the other topics), materials, manufacturing methods, coatings and finishes and handles and their attachments, among other topics.

Each of the learning tools is self-contained. As a pdf file it can be easily downloaded to a computer or PDA device for study.

The CMA has served cookware manufacturers and marketers, retailers and consumers since 1922. For more information, call (616) 987-3520 or email