CMA’s Partnership with Freight Management LLC

Cookware Manufacturers Association

One of the benefits of CMA membership is the opportunity for a no-cost evaluation of freight cost improvement options by Freight Management LLC.  CMA-member firms who have taken advantage of this program have saved millions in freight costs over the past ten years.  Important note: the association DOES NOT receive any compensation or monies from Freight Management LLC when CMA members participate in its programs.  All benefits accrue directly to CMA membership.

If a CMA firm has $500,000 annually in freight expense-especially small package and LTL shipments–Freight Management LLC can typically produce a savings.  Freight Management LLC reduces paper invoices by receiving them via EDI, provides audit within a 2 cent variance, and provides a payment file to the customer.

Clients of the firm can access with a private user name and password Freight Management LLC’s web services and can view shipments, create reports, have live tracking of shipments and a single site for all carriers.

Freight Management LLC is NOT a 3PL re-seller of freight. (These firms typically contract with carriers and mark up the freight 10-25% in exchange for managing freight costs.)  Freight Management LLC typically negotiates directly with carriers on the company’s behalf, just like an NFL agent.  The company gets the benefits of the net rates, and Freight Management is compensated through a management fee based on volume or profit sharing.  The typical Freight Management customer has enjoyed a 21% reduction in freight costs without layoffs or employee reductions.

More information can be found at:  Or contact Freight Management LLC at (205) 307-8970.